How much do surf lessons cost?

For most people, there is no place they would rather be than the beach – and why wouldn’t they?! The beach has got it all: idyllic sands, spectacular coastal landscapes, and cooling waters. Surfing is a great way to get even more out of your time at the beach, having great fun while you learn to master the waves in surf lessons.

There is so much to gain from learning to surf, whether you are just looking to try out something new with your friends or family, or want to take the sport more seriously. Surf lessons offer the perfect place to start, allowing an expert to show you the ropes and make your experience all the more fun.

But how much do surf lessons cost? The price of surfing lessons will typically range depending on where you go and what type of lesson you want.

At Surfing Croyde Bay a Croyde surf school lessons start at £35 for a 2.5 hour lesson. One-on-one surf lessons are a great way to start surfing, especially if you want to learn quickly and have the full attention of the instructor. However, family surf lessons are also a popular choice for a family that wants to learn together and enjoy a unique bonding experience. Private group surf lessons are another excellent choice for entertaining a small to large group of people, while group lessons also offer a more affordable way to learn to surf with others of a similar ability.

One-on-one surf lessons

A one-on-one surf lesson is a chance to receive private tutoring from a surf instructor that has been specifically tailored to your individual needs. During a one-on-one session, you will receive the full attention of the instructor, allowing them to focus all of their energy into helping you pick up as many of the skills as possible. You will be able to talk to the instructor as you go, letting them know what you like doing and what you are not so comfortable with, giving you total control over your session. This is a great way to kick-start your interest in surfing, getting to learn all of the basics and more.

The price of a one-on-one surf lesson will depend on a few factors, such as the length of the lesson and whether the equipment is provided. Generally, the price can range from £85 to £125 per lesson. The lower end of the pricing scale is usually only available when you purchase more than one lesson at a time, while the higher end of the scale typically includes equipment hire.

Family surf lessons

Surfing is a great activity that all of the family can enjoy, allowing each of you to try a new skill together and provide each other with moral support along the way. These lessons will also benefit from close attention from the instructor, as each of your family members will receive some one-on-one time to receive the instructor’s undivided expertise. Each family member will be able to let the instructor know what they are comfortable with and the pace at which they would like to learn, and the instructor will do their best to accommodate. The cost of family surf lessons can vary from anywhere around £50 to £300. These prices will generally revolve around the number of family members taking part in the family lesson, as the more family members taking part means the more equipment that has to be hired. Prices also depend on the ability level of your family, with longer and more intense lessons costing a little bit more.

Private group surf lessons

Private group lessons can be an incredibly fun activity to take up with friends, or an exhilarating team-bonding activity. Private group surf lessons are also a great idea for special occasions, as the instructor will design a fun-packed itinerary tailored to everybody’s abilities. You and your friends will be given the chance to learn new skills and techniques, finding out how exactly you catch a wave. Group lessons are also completely supervised for optimum safety.

The price of private group lessons will vary based on the length of the session, the number of surfers in the group and the amount of equipment that needs to be hired. Sessions can range from an hour to a full day, and prices tend to vary from £35 to £85 per person depending on the group size.

Group surf lessons

Group surf lessons are a fun and affordable way to learn the basics of surfing in a fun and friendly environment. No matter your abilities, or your age, these group sessions allow you to benefit from the expertise of the instructors, as well as the support of others in your group. Group sessions offer the perfect balance of a personalised experience and a more independent one, providing you with a bit more time to yourself than during a one-on-one session. However, these sessions are also supervised to keep every surfer safe.

Group surf lessons are generally more affordable than private lessons, and prices tend to be around £35 to £45 per person, per session.

Each of these surfing lesson options offers a fun, unique and fulfilling experience for every keen surfer, and they will have you catching waves like a pro in no time!