Lowest Student To Instructor Ratio In Croyde
Maximum Group Ratio 6:1 Guaranteed

“Sam and I booked a 2.5 hour group session on Monday morning, then another Wednesday morning. Beautiful beach and the 2.5 hours flew by. The instructors were great; friendly, fun and the tuition first class. The kit and facilities were great too. Thanks guys, we’ll be back!”

Maggie – October 2019

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If you are looking for the best teaching experience then you’re in the right place.

The best Croyde surf school translates into the best surfboards, the best wetsuits, and most importantly the best surf instructors. You can rest assured you’ll be in the best hands with the highest level of Surfing England instructors, who are all fully qualified lifeguards.

Surfing Croyde Bay isn’t just the best Croyde surf school to learn to surf. We think it’s the best place to learn in the whole of the UK!

You’ll get a highly personalised experience with the lowest instructor to student ratio 6:1 of any Surfing England Centre of Excellence.

With Surfing Croyde Bay there’s a surf lesson for you. Choose from a range of surf experiences that cater for all levels and experiences. Choose from beginner, family, private, corporate and performance surf experience sessions. All available from a single lesson to multi-day courses.


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Family Surf Lesson

Find out more about our family focused surf lessons, available for kids aged 5 years and upwards.

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Learn To Surf

Learn to surf and ride your first wave with our award winning Croyde surf school. Benefit from surf lessons led and designed by England Surfing Head Coach Damon Beveridge.

Private 1:1 Surf Lesson

Get personalised attention and benefit from dedicated coaching from a your own personal surf coach.

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Half Day Surf Lesson

Get a taster for surfing or improve your existing surf skills and technique with a half day lesson.

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Full Day Surf Lesson

Immerse yourself in a full day of surf coaching on Croyde Bay. Make your experience a full day and maximise your progress.


See the coast like never before coasteering. Find out why it’s the UK’s fastest growing adventure sport.


“We’ve  created a surfing environment with a difference. Our aim is to set an example to improve the overall standard of surf tuition in the UK. At the centre of our approach is our teaching ratio of 6:1. That translates into more individual attention, more teaching time and greater enjoyment in the water. My time as Head Junior Coach – Team GB and Team England, has given me a plethora of coaching experience at the highest levels of UK surfing. I’ve put this into practice at Surfing Croyde Bay. Visit us and discover why we are the best surf academy in Croyde”

Damon Beveridge – Director Surfing Croyde Bay

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“The Softech surfboard has been personally selected by me as it’s simply the best board to learn and develop your surf skills on. The advantage of the  Softech board, is found in stability, shape and rail design. It really does help and increases the speed at which you can progress with your surfing.”

Damon Beveridge – Director Of Surfing Croyde Bay 

Softech are the world’s leading soft surfboard company. Surfing Croyde Bay Croyde Surf School is working very closely with Softech to improve the overall experience of surf lessons in the UK. Better equipment means more fun and progression in the water. 


Surfing Croyde Bay is located strategically right in the heart of Croyde village. Convenient to visit and get a snack after an exhilarating surf in the ocean. It doesn’t stop there though. Croyde isn’t just famous for having a fantastic surfing beach, there are also a ton of other things to do.

Some of our favorites are, grab a buger at The Blue Groove, try the famous Nachos with a pint at The Thatch and grab Sunday Lunch or some sport at The Manor. Great coffee is served at The Old Cream Shop and The stores. Walk Baggy Point where you can also try Coasteering. Visit Crow Point and the river estuary a sactuary for North Devon wildlife. There’s so much to do in Croyde.


With the lowest student to instructor ratio of any Croyde Surf School, in fact in any Surfing England Centre Of Excellence, you can rest assured you’ll get plenty of 1:1 coaching as well as a highly experienced pair of eyes keeping you safe.

All of the Croyde surf school instructors are fully qualified water safety experts with lifeguard certification. Your safety is our paramount concern and our overarching ethos is to keep you safe whilst enjoying the best available surf lessons.



Here’s what you can expect from your surf lesson when you visit Surfing Croyde Bay. We offer surf packages fro beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers. We meet at your start time and complete the waiver. You then get fitted with the right wetsuit and board according to your height, build and ability. We then head to the beach. After your safety briefing and beach talk, covering technique and goals. We then hit the water for a minimum of 90 minutes where your surf instructor offers you continual feedback.

ALL EQUIPMENT IS INCLUDED – Everything you need is included: surfboard, wetsuits, boots, gloves& hood if necessary

DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE for Surf Hire – If you’re a returning customer you are eligible for 20% discount on surf hire.


How To Choose The Best Croyde Surf School

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10 Key Questions To Ask

Do you use Softech equipment? Alder and other boards aren’t as good.

What is your teaching ratio? Your max group size should be 6

Do you have Level 2 ISA surf coaches? This is the highest level of qualification.

How old are the surfboards you use for lessons? It should be less than 2 years.

Will I get my own surfboard to learn to surf on? Don’t book unless you do!

Do you have hot showers? Surfing Croyde Bay is the only surf school in Croyde that offers a hot shower after your lesson.

Do you have male and female heated changing facilities? That’s something our customer’s really value, especially for kids!

You you offer lockers so that I can safely store my belongings? At Surfing Croyde Bay free lockers are available for all customers.

Do you have multiple wetsuits in all sizes? At surfing Croyde Bay we have 100s of wetsuits and at least 10 suits in all sizes. This ensures you’ll get a snug fitting suit for your lesson.

Are your coaches led by an inspiring team leader? At Surfing Croyde Bay the surf instruction team is led by Damon Beveridge. Well known in the surf industry with nearly a decade of experience coaching Team GB surfing.

Surf Instructors

Without a great instructor, you’re not going to have a great surf lesson. One of the most important aspects of a surf lesson is your instructor. Your chosen surf school should be providing a qualified surf coach, with a beach lifeguard qualification who has a passion for teaching surfing.

Your surf coach should be helping you to progress, giving you pointers and direction, and supporting your learning needs. Your surf coach’s attention should be on you and your group at all times!

At Surfing Croyde Bay we are lucky enough to have the Team GB Head Junior Coach as a Director. His knowledge and expertise is continually passed onto our Level 1 and Level 2 ISA surf coaches. We also run the well respected Surf Development UK programme out of our surf school Croyde which has led to a string of Team GB surfers. So, you can rest assured that the lessons you receive at Surfing Croyde Bay, are the very best that you can get!

Equipment That Fits

You should check with your surf lesson provider what equipment you will surf on, and wear. 

A warm modern wetsuit is essential. You won’t get the best out of your surfing lesson if you’re not comfortable. Make sure the wetsuits aren’t old, baggy or have holes in the neoprene. Make sure there’s a wetsuit that fits you!

Surf equipment varies massively from surf school to surf school. Having the right length surfboard with the right level of buoyancy is essential to get the most out of your surf lesson. Under no circumstances should you be sharing a board or using a board that doesn’t fit you. If this is suggested to you you should cancel your lesson and book in with a professional surf school. You should also make sure that the surfing equipment is modern and is of decent quality. The best learning boards are Softech by far. You can check out why here.

One of the most underestimated items at a surf school is the wetsuit you receive. We’ve teamed up with local wetsuit manufacturer Tiki, who sponsor Andrew Cotton a local big wave surfing hero. We constantly refresh the Tiki wetsuits you will get, ensuring you get a modern warm wetsuit. Additionally we stock the most Tiki wetsuits in Croyde. This means there will always be a wetsuit that fits you snug and keeps you warm in your surf lesson.

Your board will be this year’s model of Softech. At Surfing Croyde Bay we are the largest stockist of Softech surfboards in Devon. This means that whatever your shape, size or standard of surfer there will be a lesson board that fits you. Our boards range from 5’6″ to 9′ long with buoyancy to over 100 litres of volume. 

The Basics: Hot Showers & Changing Facilities

Not all surf schools offer the basics, believe it or not! Your surf school should provide you with a place to store valuables, warm changing facilities and a hot shower after your lesson.

At Surfing Croyde Bay we are the only surf school in Croyde that has hot showers. We think it’s essential to be able to return to the surf school after your surf lesson and get warm and change in comfort. We are also the only surf school with a cafe attached so that after your experience you can get a snack, pasty, ice-cream or drink quickly and conveniently.

What is the 6:1 teaching ratio and why does it matter?

The student to teacher teaching ratio means how many students are taught by a single instructor. At Surfing Croyde Bay we limit this to 6 and on average the teaching ratio is 1:4 

A 12:1 ratio would mean that a single surf instructor would have to manage 12 people in the water. An 8:1 teaching ratio would mean that means the surf instructor will have 8 students in the water. We simply don’t think you should be taught with any more than 5 other students. It means you’ll get more teaching time, a better lesson and progress faster in a safe environment. 

The 6:1 student to teacher ratio at Surfing Croyde Bay Surf School, is the lowest ratio of student to surf instructor of any Surfing England Centre Of Excellence. You can be sure that your lesson will never contain more than 5 other people. Your instructor will have ample time to give you 1:1 feedback during your lesson. You will progress as fast as possible based on your learning ability.