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“We had two beginner surf lessons Croyde (1:1) over two days. As complete beginners we got lots of tips, advice and encouragement we were more than happy. Would definitely book again, it was worth it, I learnt so much.”


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Being featured in The BBC, Vogue, The Independent, Airbnb, Carve Magazine, Surfing England, alongside a multitude of 5 star TripAdvisor reviews, video tutorials, and surf blog insights is something we’re very proud of. Come and learn to surf, improve your skills and experience the difference, at the very best surf school in Croyde.


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“Brilliant surf lesson with Jake  – thank you so so much! The beach was completely deserted and the waves were perfect for practising. Water was not cold at all with all the gear on and I got so much excellent feedback and great tips. It was so useful to have the 1:1 feedback and I’ll definitely be back. Highly recommended.”



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Croyde Surf School

Find out more about our award winning surf school in the heart of Croyde Bay.

surf lessons croyde

Surf Lessons Croyde

Experience the difference. Surf lessons led and designed by England Surfing Head Coach Damon Beveridge.

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Croyde Surf Hire

Hire the latest surf equipment delivered to your door.

Coasteering Croyde

See the coast like never before coasteering. Find out why it’s the UK’s fastest growing adventure sport.

Surfing England
Centre of Excellence

Surfing England centre of excellence surf school

With Surfing Croyde Bay surf lessons Croyde you’re in good hands. All of our fully qualified ISA surf instructors are also qualified as beach lifeguards. This means you’ll get top quality surf lessons in a safe and professional environment. The instructors are led by Damon Beveridge who has extensive experience as Surfing England Head junior coach. If you want the best instruction in small group sizes (max group size 6:1) then you’re in the right place.

surf lessons CROYDE

If you’re looking for the best place to catch waves and improve your surfing in Croyde. You’re definitely in the right place. Surfing Croyde Bay are the best surf school in Croyde for beginner surf lessons to learn to surf (we would say that wouldn’t we). But seriously, here’s why we think you’ll enjoy the surfing environment we’ve created…

Experience The Surfing Croyde Bay Difference

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Surfing Croyde Bay has a 5 star Tripadvisor rating and is also rated #1 for Things To Do in Croyde.


With over 15 years coaching beginners to high-performance Great Britain surfers Damon Beveridge leads the development and training of all of our coaches. You couldn’t be taught by a better qualified and progressive team of coaches.

Surfing Croyde Bay has two International Surfing Association (ISA) Level 2 Qualified coaches. The level of expertise for teaching at Surfing Croyde Bay is second to none. That’s why we are also chosen to coach some of the UK’s best up and coming surfers as well as professional touring surfers too. The ISA Level 2 Coach is the highest surf coaching certification and means these instructors are competent to coach surfers of all levels from Beginners through to elite level surfers.

“We want you to enjoy surfing as much as we do, so whether you’ve never stood on a board before or have been doing it for years, we want to help you progress to your full potential. My extensive coaching including time as Head Junior Coach – England Surfing, has all been put into practice at Surfing Croyde Bay.”

Damon Beveridge – Director Surfing Croyde Bay

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A typical surf lesson

Explore a typical surf session with Surfing Croyde Bay.

9.30: Sign in at the surf school, complete the waiver paperwork.

9:35: Get fitted out with your wetsuit and board and get changed.

10:00: Head to the beach and get your beach talk covering technique, goals and safety.

11.30: Head back to the surf school for a warm shower, debrief and get changed.

12.00: End of session.

Being the only Croyde surf academy located in the heart of Croyde Bay, we’re ideally placed for surf lessons Croyde. You can conveniently drop in to book or re-arrange your experience with us.
Drop-in and see us and while you’re here grab a tea, coffee, cake, pasty or ice-cream from the shop. We also offer coasteering too so ask us about local coasteering trips too!
Surf lessons in Croyde sometimes have to be moved to get the most from your session. The sea conditions and wind may mean you’ll get much more from a surf lesson at a neighbouring beach. Our minibus and trailer allow us to easily switch location so that you can get the most from your time with us.

Surfing is an extreme sport, and it’s essential to make sure safety is at the centre of any surf coaching experience. That’s why all of our coaches are qualified lifeguards, as well as ISA/Surfing England, accredited coaches. With Surfing Croyde Bay you’re in safe hands.

Experience The Surfing Croyde Bay Difference

Surf Lessons From Beginner to Expert

Even if you’ve never surfed before there’s a lesson for you. In fact most of new students have never tried surfing before, so our instructors are well versed in getting you up and riding in no time. The lessons on offer at surfing Croyde Bay cater for beginners who have never surfed before. Surfers with limited experience and want to improve their technique. Surfers who can paddle to the line up, catch unbroken waves and surf down the line trimming the surfboard.

If you are a beginner there are some objectives we hop for you to attain. Some students complete these goals in the first lesson, some students need 2 or 3 lessons. 

  • Catch a white water wave on you own
  • Learn to fall safely and handle the surfboard in wind and waves
  • Paddle out to a point where you are comfortable catching waves and popping up
  • Improving your paddling technique so that you can paddle through white water
  • Stand up and surf the white water straight, left or right
  • Learn to turn while sitting on the board
  • Learn to end your ride on a surfboard in a controlled and safe way


We can teach children in the family surf group format from age 5 and older. 


Did you know we’re the only surf school in Croyde that has hot showers? Once you’ve been in the sea, there’s nothing better than a hot shower. Then enjoy an ice-cream, coffee or cake. A sandwich, pasty or snack. Or even a beer at the on-site bar.

Convenience. Ditch the car, the bike, and there’s no need to walk. If you need us to come and get you, we are here on hand to get you to your lesson. Our minibus can collect you before your experience anywhere around the Croyde Beach area.


Surf Development UK is the most progressive junior to elite level surfing athlete pathway programme in the UK.Founded as a division of Surfing Croyde Bay it is an integral part of our surf school.

Some of the best surfing talent from the UK has been developed through the Surf Development UK programme. Covering training, technique, diet, video analysis and biomechanics, Surf Development UK keeps us all at the forefront of surf coaching techniques. You can be sure you’re getting the latest surf lesson theory in your lessons.

The Complete Guide To Surf Lessons

guide to the best surf lessons

Where is the best place to take a surf lesson?

You should always take a half day surf lesson or a full day surfing lesson at a Surfing England Surf School. If you can find an England Surfing Centre Of Excellence, like Surfing Croyde Bay, then you’ll be sure to be taught by expert coaches on quality equipment, with the latest teaching methods.

Ideally, the surf school you choose for your lesson should have ISA Level 2 coaches. Most good surf schools have a Level 2 coach. If you are looking for a great experience, then check out the leadership of the school running the surf lessons. At surfing Croyde Bay our coaching is led by Damon Beveridge, Junior Head Coach to the National Surfing Team GB.

You should also pick a surf school which is near to the sea on a surf break that regularly breaks. There’s no point booking a surf lesson if it’s flat. Otherwise, you’ll probably end up stand up paddleboarding instead. Croyde Bay is ideal, the beach break wave is powerful enough to get you on your feet, and it breaks for at least 95% of the year.


Do I have to carry my board to the beach?

Ideally, you should use a surf school on the beach or with storage at the beach. One of the main reasons is so that you don’t have to carry a massive surfboard before your surfing lesson. 

At Surfing Croyde Bay you’ll find the best of both worlds. You can conveniently book your lesson in Croyde Village. When you visit to take your experience, you will collect, and drop off, your board from our storage directly on Croyde Bay itself. 

Once you’ve finished your lesson, use our heated changing facilities, and hot showers in Croyde Village itself.


What should I wear?

All you need to bring to wear is swimwear to put under your wetsuit. You will be fitted out with a warm wetsuit when you visit for your surf lesson. 

Your surf instructor will assist you in finding the right fit from the multitude of modern and snug wetsuits we have on offer. If you require, boots, gloves or a hood these are all available, again in multiple sizes. We stock male and female fitting wetsuits as well as junior specific wetsuits. 


Is everything included in my surf lesson?

Yes! All you need to bring is some swimwear, energy, enthusiasm and a sense of excitement. If you bring a positive attitude to your surf lesson, you’ll get the most from experience. 

Your surfboard, wetsuit, leash, boots, hood or gloves if you want them are all included in the cost of your surf lesson. Everything you need to go surfing is included in your lesson price.

If you have any worries or fears, please explain them to your surf instructor who will help calm you. All of our surf instructors are fully qualified lifeguards, and they will be keeping a very close eye on you in the water.


How big will my surf lesson group be?

One of the most overlooked features of a surf lesson is the maximum size of the group. At Surfing Croyde Bay, we believe in providing the best surf lessons, so our groups are the smallest. Your group will never exceed six people per surf instructor.

Smaller groups allow the instructor to give you more time and attention, as a result with Surfing Croyde Bay surf lessons you will progress faster, and any issues with your technique will quickly be ironed out.


What age do I need to be to take a surf lesson?

You can book a surf lesson for children as young as five years old. If you are booking a surf lesson for children under the age of 10, all we ask is that you book a private surf lesson or private group for your family. 

Depending on your child, if you book a private lesson, it may be useful for you to watch the lesson with the instructor. If you book a private group, you will be in the water with your child. You won’t need to accompany them at all times as your surf instructor will be there to help. You will have plenty of time to surf too! 


How many surf lessons does it take to learn to surf?

Learning to surf can be completed in as short a time as one lesson. Standing on a surfboard and riding a white water wave is eminently possible after your first lesson. Of course, this does depend on your aptitude and natural ability but standing on a surfboard after your first surf lesson is entirely feasible. 


Which surf school should I pick for surf lessons?

Picking the right surf school will have a massive bearing on your initiation and progression with surfing. It may even be the difference between loving surfing as a new sport and hating it. So pick the surf school you take your surf lessons with carefully.

Look for the following factors:

  1. Is the surf school Surfing England accredited?
  2. Is the surf school run by an inspirational leader – such as Damon Beveridge National Junior Coach Surfing Team GB
  3. Will you be given your own surfboard to learn to surf with?
  4. Is the surf lesson run by an ISA Level 1 or Level 2 surf coach?
  5. Will you be warm, you need a modern wetsuit that fits you. So does your surf school have a wide variety of sizes and lots of stock?
  6. Are there heated changing facilities and warm showers to use after your lesson?
  7. Does your surf lesson take place on Softech surfboards? These boards are far and away the best to develop your surfing skills on.
  8. Check Trip Advisor and Google reviews and only take a surf lesson where other students have had a great time.


Can my whole family take a surf lesson together?

Yes! Any decent surf school will be able to organise a family surf lesson format so that your whole family can get to experience surfing together. It’s a great way to enjoy some family time together while getting exercise and learning a new skill. Surfing is good for the body and mind and an excellent family activity to share too. It’s also a perfect activity for a rainy day as surfing isn’t affected by wet weather.

At Surfing Croyde Bay we organise family surfing lessons for children aged five and over. Your family surf lesson format is a private group, and you will have a surf instructor dedicated to you. You’re in safe hands as your family surf instructor is also a qualified beach lifeguard.   


If the surf conditions aren’t right, will my surf lesson be cancelled or moved?

It’s highly unusual for a surf lesson to be cancelled, but if the conditions aren’t right, then your surf lesson may be rescheduled. If the location needs to change, we’ll make sure we get you to and from the alternative location.


How long will my surf lesson be, and what is the structure?

Your surf lesson will take 2.5 hours, and you will get a minimum of 1.5 hours of water time. You will initially change into your wetsuit, and collect your surfboard at the beach. You will then get a safety briefing as well as some direction and focus points for your surf lesson. During the surf lesson, you will get 1:1 personalised feedback, designed to help you progress and correct any faults. Once your experience is over, you will drop your board off at the beach, get changed and enjoy a hot shower at the surf school. 


Will I be able to leave my valuables somewhere safe?

Yes, of course. Just ask your surf instructor on arrival, and you will be able to store personal belongings safely at the surf school. 


Are there shower and changing facilities after the surf lesson?  

Yes, Surfing Croyde Bay is the only surf school in Croyde with hot showers. We also provide heated changing rooms and secure personal possession storage.