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We promise to fit you with the most appropriate surfboard and best fitting wetsuit, first time, every time.

If you’re looking for Croyde surf hire, Woolacombe surf hire or Saunton surf hire you’re definitely in the right place. Our surfboard rental fleet consists of over 250 boards from 4’10” to 9′ 6″ so there is sure to be a surfboard that is a perfect fit for you. With over 500 wetsuits to choose from we will always have the right rental wetsuit that fits well and keeps you warm. Unlike other surf hire and surf rental shops in North Devon we can deliver right to your door. 

“Checked out a few surf hire shops in Croyde and these guys had the best equipment by far. We rented almost brand new Softech foam boards for beginners and a high performance board for our son, a more advanced surfer. By far the best value surf hire in Croyde.”



£ 10
  • £10 FOR 4 HOURS
  • £15 PER DAY
  • £70 PER WEEK*


£ 8
  • £8 FOR 4 HOURS
  • £12 PER DAY
  • £60 PER WEEK


£ 6
  • £6 FOR 4 HOURS
  • £10 PER DAY
  • £50 PER WEEK

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Being featured in The BBC, Vogue, The Independent, Airbnb, Carve Magazine, Surfing England, alongside a multitude of 5 star TripAdvisor reviews, video tutorials, and surf blog insights is something we’re very proud of. Come and hire a surf board but to get the most out of your trip we recommend you book a surf lesson, at the very best Croyde surf shop.

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Softech are the world’s leading soft surf board company. Surfing Croyde Bay has teamed up with Softech to make your initiation into surfing a fun, exciting and memorable experience. You’ll take your surf lessons on a board that’s best for you. You’ll use high quality boards which are designed to be buoyant and super stable so first timers can easily catch and ride waves, and build the skills to start performing basic turns

“Basically the board you’ll rent is amazing for learning. The brilliance of the Softech board, is that you can progress to a standard where  transitioning to a hard board isn’t as big a step as normal.”

Damon Beveridge – Director Of Surfing Croyde Bay



If you want to hire the best surf equipment from a Croyde surf shop, you’ve come to the right place. At Surfing Croyde Bay, surf hire isn’t just grabbing a board from a surf rack and taking your money. We want you to enjoy your surfing experience. As a Surfing England Centre Of Excellence, we know that fitting you with the right surf hire equipment is instrumental to your enjoyment of the surfing experience.

That’s why we hire Softech equipment — Softech manufacture the best surfboards for beginner and intermediate level surfers. You can choose to hire high volume beginner boards or the Softech flash range of performance surf boards. You must be warm in the water too. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Tiki to provide you with top of the range, warm modern adult wetsuits and kids wetsuits. So you can comfortably develop your surfing skills whatever the water temperature.

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The Surfing Croyde Bay surf shop has a 5 star Tripadvisor rating and is also rated #1 for Things To Do in Croyde.


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“Hiring the right equipment is fundamental to your enjoyment of the sport of surfing. Our expert surf staff will match you with the right board for you. We’ll consider your skill level, surfing experience, aims and then select the perfect hire board for your surfing. Surfing Croyde Bay have an extensive surf hire fleet so whatever your needs we will have a board in stock to maximise your fun in the water.”

Damon Beveridge – Director Surfing Croyde Bay


We proudly support a British local wetsuit manufacturer Tiki for wetsuit hire. Tiki is a British company that started making surfboards in the early 1960’s.

“Tiki wetsuits are warm, well made and flexible. The wetsuit you will hire will keep your body temperature comfortable in the sea, as well as allowing you to move wih freedom while surfing.”



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Surfing Croyde Bay offers 2 variants of soft top surfboards from Softech. There are also hard top boards to rent too. We have an extensive range of surf equipment from beginner boards and body boards for the kids through to a range of Softech boards ranging from 6’0 through to 8’0. Reduced hire rates for surf school students!
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Why Not Book A Lesson Too?

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Half Day Surf Lesson

Get a taster for surfing or improve your existing surf skills and technique with a half day lesson.

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Full Day Surf Lesson

Immerse yourself in a full day of surf coaching on Croyde Bay. Make your experience a full day and maximise your progress.


See the coast like never before coasteering. Find out why it’s the UK’s fastest growing adventure sport.

family surf lesson

Family Surf Lesson

Find out more about our family focused surf lessons, available for kids aged 5 years and upwards.

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Learn To Surf

Learn to surf and ride your first wave with our award winning surf school. Benefit from surf lessons led and designed by England Surfing Head Coach Damon Beveridge.

Private 1:1 Surf Lesson

Get personalised attention and benefit from dedicated coaching from a your own personal surf coach.

Your Ultimate Guide To Surf Hire

Surf Hire: How To Choose The Right Hire Shop, Wetsuit And Surfboard

A big part of being in Croyde Bay is surfing and hanging out on the beautiful beach. So it’s good to know that it is pretty easy to find a surfboard to hire so that you can give surfing a try.

If you don’t own a surfboard or haven’t brought your surfboard to Croyde Bay, don’t fret. There are a multitude of surf shops and surf schools ready to rent you a surfboard and wetsuit. 

Surf hire is an essential source of income for surf schools and surf shops in Croyde Bay. However, when you are choosing to rent a surfboard and wetsuit, there are several factors you should consider. Not all surf hire shops are the same! 

Croyde surf rental shops all offer a variety of surfboards, adult bodyboards and wetsuits for hire. If you want a longboard, shortboard, foamy or soft-top you’ll be sure to find one for rent in Croyde. 

Not all businesses are equal. Some have better equipment than others. Several rental outlets will deliver a board directly to your holiday home or apartment. Here’s what you should look at before hiring a surfboard or wetsuit.

Check The Surf Conditions First

Perhaps the biggest mistake you can make is renting a surfboard and wetsuit if there are no waves, or if the sea is too dangerous to enter. You should always check the sea conditions before you rent your surfing equipment. You can check the Surfing Croyde Bay surf forecast or Magicseaweed. These are the best websites to check the surf. If the waves look good then get a board, if not maybe wait until conditions change.

Compare Surfboard & Wetsuit Prices
And Hire Time Options

Each surf hire outlet in Croyde has a hiring schedule. Some places rent by the hour, by the half-day, full-day, week or even month. The most common surf hire options are 4 hourly hires or half-day rentals, and full-day hires. If you ask there are also some surf hire shops which offer further discounts for weekly and longer hires. 

Surf hire pricing can change during the high and low season, so this is worth checking before you hire. You should be looking to pay around £8.00 for a surfboard for 4 hours and approximately £8.00 for a wetsuit for 4 hours. For a full 24 hour hire, you should be looking to pay around £12.00 for a surfboard for 24 hours and approximately £12.00 for a wetsuit for 24 hours.

Payment is taken by cash or card. It is typical to be asked for a form of ID and deposit on the equipment. Remember that you should always return your surfboard and wetsuit on time, if you don’t, there is a chance you may incur further costs. Make sure you leave enough time to collect your surf hire, go surfing, and return the equipment on time.

What Sort Of Surfboard Should I Hire?

If you’ve never surfed, before you think about hiring a surfboard, you should consider booking a surf lesson. We can offer lessons to learn to surf, intermediate and advanced surf lessons. If you are intent on hiring and not taking a surf experience lesson, you should hire a high-volume soft-top foam surfboard. The high volume will help you catch more waves and, the soft construction will protect you in the event of the board hitting you. If you drop into the Croyde Bay Surf School we can help advise you about the length of board that would suit you best.

The Hire Equipment Should Be Good Quality And Ready To Surf

When you pick up your hire surfboard or your hire wetsuit, it should be in good condition. The surfboard should have a leash; it should be waxed up; the board should be in good condition. A wetsuit should fit you; it should not be baggy or have holes in the neoprene. If the surf hire shop asks you to pay extra for a leash, or wax or doesn’t carry enough stock to provide you with a wetsuit that correctly fits you should probably find another surf hire shop.

A note on foam surfboards. Softech makes amazing boards if you are going to rent a foam surfboard, or learn to surf you should find a surf school or surf hire shop that uses and provides Softech boards, they are amazing pieces of kit. 

How Old Do You Have To Be To Hire A Surfboard?

Most surf hire shops will only hire to adults over 18 years old. So if you are under 18, you will need to get an adult to rent your surfboard for you. 

When you hire a surfboard or wetsuit, you may need to provide proof of who you are; usually a photo ID will suffice. Never allow the surf rental shop to photocopy or photograph your ID, it’s not secure or appropriate. 

You will be asked for a deposit for the hire equipment, the deposit is usually around £50 per item.

Make Sure You Understand The Damage Costs Before You Hire

Accidents can happen. If you accidentally damage the surfboard or wetsuit you are hiring you should fully understand the charges that are imposed for damage before you hire the equipment. Also, check what the costs are if the board is returned late.

Wetsuits can get ripped, and surfboards can get dents, cuts, slices, delamination and holes. If you damage the surfboard or wetsuit, you should expect to pay between £10 and £20 per item of damage. If someone steals the hire board, then you will have to pay to replace the board, this could cost between £200-£300. 

Finally, remember that the surf hire shop is not responsible for the hirer’s safety or injury or death while surfing.