The best places to get private surf lessons in north Devon

Private surf lessons provide the best one-on-one in-depth coaching for both first-timers and seasoned surfers. North Devon boasts some of the best sandy beaches ripe for surfing. There are plenty of surf schools that offer private surf lessons in North Devon to choose from for the best surfing experience. Croyde in particular, has an array of surf schools where you can find high quality Croyde surf lessons

Here’s a quick rundown of the best surfing sites to consider while on your next holiday in North Devon.

North Devon Surf School

The experts at North Devon Surf School provide some of the best surfing experiences for both new and repeat surfers. You only need to find the surf lesson that’s best for you and have an experienced, professional trainer get you into the water.

You can also choose surfing gear that’s more suitable and comfortable and always have a set of eyes continuously monitoring your surf lessons and training to ensure that you are safe. The resort also provides one-on-one coaching to ensure that no one gets hurt during the surfing program. The staff is so friendly and caring as well.

Croyde Surf Academy

This accredited school uses several coaching techniques and services that are excellent for quick surfing progression. Make use of Croyde’s senior inspectors as you exclusively get the worth of your money.

With some training, you are sure to enjoy your surfing lessons and become a better surfer with the first few private lessons. You will definitely want to book surfing lessons here based on what the resort’s experienced instructors teach you.

You know you are in good hands with a more personalised student-coach experience and the right surfing gear for the job. It’s also worth mentioning that the sandy beaches in Croyde Surf Academy are just to die for. You won’t ever feel like leaving once you step inside the resort.

Surf South West

Surf South West has a vast expanse of golden sandy beaches, backed by green fields. However, none of this matches the resort’s consistency in the waves it offers that break virtually every day. It’s every surfer’s slice of heaven.

The resort faces nothing short of swell consistency of waves that are perfect for any surf learning conditions. Visit the reception area and book your next private surf lessons for an experience like no other.

The facility provides surf lessons that include 15 to 20 minutes on land coaching that takes place on the resort’s beach. You can, however, also begin your surf lessons in the dry, warm weather if you feel that the current climate is not ideal for the best surf.

Nick Thorn Surf School

Nick Thorn Surf School is another famous name in North Devon when talking about private surfing. The training resort has helped hundreds of surfing enthusiasts to enjoy the experience of surfing their first waves.

The resort also has several professionally trained and dedicated instructors that provide a supportive atmosphere for everyone to master their surfing skills. Besides teaching you to enjoy surfing, instructors teach you how to stay safe in the water and other basics necessary for having the best surfing experience.

You will definitely have fun and even more exciting experience learning to surf here. For one, it’s one of the most sheltered and safest surf regions in all North Devon beaches. Its relaxed atmosphere makes it the hidden gem that all surf enthusiasts are always looking for.

Surfing Croyde Bay

Lastly, is the Surfing Croyde Bay resort. It easily ranks as the best surfing resort in the whole of North Devon with all the social amenities, surf equipment, and caring instructors that tend to all your needs.

You will find yourself booking the same surfing services the next time you’re in North Devon after having the best first-hand experience. Surfing Croyde Bay has also featured in Vogue, The BBC, Airbnb, Surfing England, Carve Magazine, The Independent, and a host of other media sites as the best surf school in Devon.

Experience the difference of having true private surf lessons North Devon while maxing out your fun levels too. The resort instructors boast of having 20 years of surfing experience, and it shows in how well they treat their customers.

Bottom line

Of all the surfing sites mentioned above, Surfing Croyde Bay sticks out as the better option for both first-time and seasoned surfers. As for Croyde surf hire, Surfing Croyde Bay have the widest and most varied option of surfboards, wetsuits and bodyboards.. The surfing site is built and personalised to cater to your surfing needs. There’s no denying that the other training sites are excellent as well, especially if you are looking for private surf lessons that are focused on you. Visit any of the sites above and watch as your surfing skills improve tremendously.