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fun child friendly family focused surf coaching IN CROYDE, NORTH DEVON

“My girls (plus friends) have been to Surfing Croyde Bay’s family surfing lessons for the last 3 summers. They have always enjoyed their time and learned a lot. The staff are very friendly, helpful and accommodating! Highly recommend them for surfing.”

Leslie | London

learn TO SURF with your KIDS

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Being featured in The BBC, Vogue, The Independent, Airbnb, Carve Magazine, Surfing England, alongside a multitude of 5 star TripAdvisor reviews, video tutorials, and surf blog insights is something we’re very proud of. Bring your family to learn to surf, with surf lessons, at the very best surf school in Croyde.

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If you want to have an awesome time learning to surf, with your family you’re in the right place. If you’re a family looking for an inclusive family surf lesson experience, then you’re in the right place. 

Surfing Croyde Bay have a family surfing lessons programme so that you and your children can all be taught to learn to surf together in a safe and engaging environment. Now children as young as five can have fun learning to surf with their Mum and Dad.



family Surf lessons

This family surf lesson is in a private group format and is ideal for beginner and intermediate surfers.

Your family will get an instructor dedicated to your family group. You will not share the instructor with any other students. This allows us to get children from as young as 5 years old surfing with their mum and dad.

The small family group size means our coaches can give you more attention in a safer environment to speed up the learning process.

We run daily surf lessons suitable for everyone aged 5 to 80, from complete beginner to competitive professionals, school groups to group parties using in water teaching, classroom theory lessons, video analysis and surf skate sessions.

We want you to enjoy surfing as much as we do, so whether you’ve never stood on a board before or have been doing it for years, we want to help you progress to your full potential.

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Surfing Croyde Bay has a 5 star Tripadvisor rating and is also rated #1 for Things To Do in Croyde.

We've imparted everything we know into your surf lessons

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“We want your family to enjoy surfing as much as we do, so whether your family has never stood on a board before or you have been doing it for years, we want to help you progress to your full potential. My extensive coaching including time as Head Junior Coach – Team GB and Team England, has all been put into practice at Surfing Croyde Bay.”

Family specific equipment

“Basically the board you’ll use is amazing for learning. The brilliance of the Softech board, is that you can progress to a standard where  transitioning to a hard board isn’t as big a step as normal.”

The organisation of family surf lessons is in private groups. Initially, you will meet at our surf school in the centre of Croyde. You will get fitted with modern Tiki wetsuits and Softech surfboards. The surf school ensures that we have a wide range of modern equipment, including boards and wetsuits that are suitable for children, as well as adults, to learn on. You can store valuables, items of clothing, and pushchairs at the surf school if required.


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maximise your learning experience with your own private surf instructor

At the beach, your family will enjoy the individual attention of one of our surf coaches, who is also a fully qualified lifeguard. After a safety briefing and some direction on surfing techniques, you and your family will hit the water. With your own coach and lifeguard on hand, you can rest assured that a safe pair of eyes will be watching over your whole family for the duration of your family surf lesson.

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Surfing is a physical sport; it’s great for the mind, body and soul. We also know (having our own families) that it makes kids and grown-ups hungry! You’ll be pleased to hear then that after your family surf lesson, a wide range of excellent quality food, drinks and ice-creams are available on-site at the cafe. As well as surfing you can also try coasteering with us too!

Find out why Surfing Croyde Bay is consistently rated the best surf school in North Devon. Trip Advisor, Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews consistently rate Surfing Croyde Bay as the best surfing and coasteering experience in North Devon. Visit the surf shop and have a chat to find out why!

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bespoke family surf lessons

Surfing Croyde Bay offers 5 main surf tuition packages. Each course has the same basic structure: A quick brief of what’s going on/5 min walk to the beach/ safety talk and taught relevant techniques/warm up/ then hit the surf for a minimum of 1.5 hrs surfing

All equipment is included – Everything you need is included: surfboard, wetsuits, boots, gloves & hood if necessary. If you’re a returning customer you are eligible for 20% discount on surf hire.


The Ultimate Guide To Family Surf Lessons

family surf lessons guide

what can i expect from the family surf lessons?

At Surfing Croyde Bay family surfing lessons are organised in a private group. Being in a private group means you have a personal instructor who is also a qualified lifeguard to look after you and your family. It’s a fantastic activity to participate in on your family holiday.

When you arrive at our surf school in Croyde Bay, you will meet your surfing instructor. Your surf instructor will fit your family out with modern and warm Tiki wetsuits as well as the correct size surfboards for each of your family members.

Your coach will ensure that all of your equipment is ready and you will get a technique overview on the beach. If you’ve never surfed before, don’t worry! Your surfing lessons will cater for all abilities.

The structure of the group lesson starts with educating you on paddling, handling the board in the water, pop up and standing on the surfboard. Your family will then get into the water and practice the techniques you have just learnt.

The focus of the tuition is on adults as well as children. Our instructors have some great child-friendly tips to get them to get the most out of the lesson.

Riding your first wave is a massive buzz, and we do everything we can to get your whole family up and riding.

what's the venue for the surf lesson?

Surfing Croyde Bay is based in the heart of Croyde, North Devon. Croyde Bay itself is a short 2-minute walk from our surf school. Your surf lesson will take place on Croyde Beach. After the experience we will finish up at the surf school where there are changing facilities and hot showers.

can i book a lesson just for my kids?

Yes, that’s fine. If your son or daughter is under 18, you will need to sign a surfing participation form prior to the surfing lesson. You can leave your children with their surf coach, or you can come to the beach and watch them enjoy their time surfing with their instructor.

All of our surf instructors are coached on getting the most out of your family lesson. Safety and high standards are at the centre of everything done at Surfing Croyde Bay; your surf coach holds a Beach Lifeguard qualification and ISA Surf Coaching award.

what's the minimum age to participate?

To get the most out of a family surf lesson, your child should be five or over. They should also be able to swim. The surf instructor is also a qualified lifeguard who will keep an eye on any weaker swimmers. The surf lesson will move at your own pace, and 1:1 feedback will be given to in your private surfing lessons.