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“My family loved their 1st experience of surfing with these guys. Everyone was so helpful and encouraging and in 3 sessions, we all managed to stand!! No need to worry about equipment – as all provided. We will definitely be coming back again.”



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Being featured in The BBC, Vogue, The Independent, Airbnb, Carve Magazine, Surfing England, alongside a multitude of 5 star TripAdvisor reviews, video tutorials, and surf blog insights is something we’re very proud of. Discover just how good a surf school can be and develop your surf skills with our award winning team in Croyde. 

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“At Surfing Croyde Bay, our sole purpose is safe enjoyable high quality instruction. Whether your a complete beginner, an intermediate level surfer or an aspiring pro we can help you improve. My extensive experience including 7 years as  Head Junior Coach – Team GB and Team England, has all been put into practice at Surfing Croyde Bay. We are the best surf academy in the area bar none. Visit us to find out why!”

Ex-Head Coach Team GB Junior



When Damon Beveridge had his vision for a surf school in Croyde, he took years of experience as a lifeguard, surf instructor and England Surfing Coach. This experience has been put into Surfing Croyde Bay, so that you can enjoy developing your surf skills in an amazing environment. 

There are some fundamentals which are different to all other surf schools in Croyde. Firstly the teaching ratio is the smallest of any school in Croyde. On average the ratio is 4 students to 1 instructor, and this is capped at 6 students to 1 instructor.

Secondly the equipment you will  use when you are developing your surf skills is modern, carefully selected and will fit you.

Thirdly the quality of staff. At Surfing Croyde Bay we are highly selective about our staff. All staff are selected for their teaching ability, approach to safety, and surfing experience. It is compulsory that all staff have extensive experience surfing in and around Croyde and love of people and teaching.

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Surfing Croyde Bay is hugely proud of it’s 5 star Tripadvisor rating, 5 star Google business reviews and #1 rating for Things To Do in Croyde.


“We took a lot of time, and tested a number of surfboards before we decided to settle on the Softech range of surfboards. Australian made and hand shaped the board you will use in your lesson will immensely assist in your progression. “

Damon Beveridge – Director Of Surfing Croyde Bay 


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Softech are an Australian company with developing the sport of surfing right at the core of their business. It is critical that you get the right equipment in your surf lesson so that you maximise your enjoyment and progression. These boards are so good that lots of students end up buying one after their lesson!


All of the surf instructor team at Surfing Croyde Bay are well versed in the latest surf tuition techniques. The low maximum group size of 6:1 enables the surf instructor to offer lots of personal feedback in your lesson. Smaller groups also means a safer environment allowing the surf instructor to keep a close eye on you at all times. 

The coaching team at Surfing Croyde Bay are all fully qualified beach lifeguards. Your safety is our primary concern and our overarching ethos is to keep you safe whilst enjoying the best surf lessons.

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Croyde Bay is a really special location, nestled in North Devon. Blessed with one of the best surf breaks in the UK, on it’s day Croyde is possibly the best beach break in Europe. In addition the picturesque village, plethora of walks, country pubs and great places to eat make Croyde an awesome surf holiday destination. 

Although Croyde beach is world renowned surfing location, it doesn’t stop there. Billy Budds, The Thatch, Blue Groove and The Manor are all great places to eat and drink. Baggy Point is a fantastic walking and costeering location. Saunton Sands, Putsborough Sands and Woolacombe Bay all offer more places to surf and amazing stretches of sandy beach. Croyde really is a special place, and we think you’ll think so too.

ChoosING The Best Surf School

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What surfboard will I use in my lesson?

What is your teaching ratio is it 8:1 or 6:1?

How many Level 2 ISA surf coaches do you employ?

How old is your fleet of surfboards you use for lessons?

You should never have to share a surfboard so ensure you will I get your own board to learn on?

Do you have hot showers?

Do you have heated changing facilities?

Is there safe storage for belongings?

How many wetsuits do you have in stock to choose from?

Are your coaches led by an inspiring team leader?


Getting the most out of a lesson is part your motivation but also part your instruction. Your surf instructor should be motivational, attentive, and provide you with regular feedback. Your surf coach should be watching you in the water, not catching waves or chatting to their friends. You should be getting consistent feedback on paddling, pop up and stance. Their attention should be on you at all times!

Surfing Croyde Bay’s Director of surfing is Damon Beveridge who coaches pro surfers as well as having almost a decade of experience as Team GB Head Junior Coach. He leads the coaching team and emparts his knowledge and expertise to all of our our Level 1 and Level 2 ISA surf coaches. We also run the well respected Surf Development UK programme out of Croyde which has led to a string of Team GB surfers. The lessons at Surfing Croyde Bay are the very best that you can get!


It is really important that you enquire about your board and wetsuit with your chosen surf school BEFORE you book. The variety in the quality of surf instruction throughout the UK varies massively. 

A well fitting wetsuit that’s fairly new is essential. Old ill fitting suits don’t work and will leave you cold and demoralised. To get the most out of your surf lesson you need to be warm and comfortable. Ask how old the wetsuit will be that you’ll be given, and ask how many wetsuits are avilable so that there will be the right size that fits you snugly.

Surfboard equipment varies massively at different surf schools and surf clubs. Don’t settle for old waterlogged boards! Firstly there should be a variety of surfboard sizes, usually between 6 foot and 9 foot long. The boards should be wide and stable so that standing is more straightforward. You should make sure that you will have your own board and you won’t be sharing. You should also make sure that the surfing equipment is modern and is of decent quality. The best learning boards are Softech by far. You can check out why here.

At Surfing Croyde Bay you will be provided with a modern Tiki Wetsuit. Tiki is a local North Devon wetsuit company who provide wetsuits to professional surfers around the world. They are of high quality, warm, and we have multiples of every size. You’ll get a modern, warm wetsuit that fits. 

Your board will be this year’s model of Softech. The boards on offer range from the broadest learning boards up to 8 feet in length, down to the flash performance boards at 6′ in length. The surf school hire fleet is second to none in Croyde, and we have the best equipment by far.


Your chosen surf school should have practical facilities in and out of the water. Did you know that Surfing Croyde Bay is the only surf school in Croyde that offers a warm shower after your lesson? Check there is lockable storage space for your keys, wallet and jewellery. Make sure there is a changing room for men and women and some toilets on site. 

At Surfing Croyde Bay we have really focused on making your pre and post surf lesson experience as enjoyable as possible. We offer male and female changing, secure storage, and hot showers. We have a cafe on site so that you and your family can grab a drink and a snack right after your lesson. These little things do matter and make your surfing experience so much better!


Simply, when you have a lesson you want feedback and attention. The lower the group size the more attention you receive and the faster you progress. 

The student to teacher ratio at surfing Croyde Bay is strictly limited to 6:1. A 12:1 ratio means the surf instructor will have 12 students to teach at once. A 8:1 ratio means the surf instructor will have 8 students to teach at once. The lower the ratio the more personalised teaching time you will receive.

Damon Beveridge, Director of Surfing at Surfing Croyde Bay has decided that your lesson will be limited to a maximum of 6 students or less. This group size is the lowest group size offered by any Surfing England Centre Of Excellence in the UK. The quality of your lesson tuition directly benefits from this approach. All other surf schools in Croyde have group sizes of at least 8 people.