What Is Surf Etiquette?

surf etiquette

what is surf etiquette? Before you step foot in the sea with other surfers, you should ensure that your surf etiquette is up to scratch. Although there is no formal etiquette associated with surfing, years of experience has created some unwritten “rules” for surfers to follow when in the water. This etiquette is largely based […]

Surf Schools in North Devon Compared

surf school north devon

the best surf schools in north devon compared Every year, tourists from all over the UK and even further afield flock to beautiful North Devon to experience the sun, sea and surf! The coastline in North Devon is perfect for tourists wanting to try adventurous watersports – from bodyboarding and kayaking through to parasailing. However, […]

What is a Kook Surfer?

kook surfer

What is a Kook Surfer? Many sports carry with them a particular culture, from clothing to vernacular – surfing is no different. You might be familiar with the term ‘poser’ associated with skateboarding and other sports. According to Urban Dictionary, this means “someone who pretends to be someone whose not” and “someone who tries to […]

Best beaches & surf schools to learn to surf in the UK

kids surfing on beach

Best Beaches & Surf Schools To Learn To Surf In The UK If you’re planning to visit a surf school and learn to surf, UK beaches are places to be. The water might be cold, but you can expect some impressive waves and welcoming environments. You don’t need to travel to far-flung destinations to find […]

Coasteering In Devon – The Best Routes & Coasteering Guides

lady leaping into the sea in ilfracombe in wetsuit, helmet and buoyancy aid

Coasteering In Devon – The Best Routes & Coasteering Guides CoasteeringĀ Devon, so what’s that? It’s an exhilarating pastime and one of the fast-growing adventure activities in the UK. If you are thinking about trying out coasteering in Devon, this post can help. The experience you have while coasteering can vary dramatically depending on the route, […]

What you need to know about coasteering before you go

weekend coasteering

What you need to know about coasteering before you go Believed to have originated in Pembrokeshire, Wales, coasteering is the outdoor pursuit of climbing up cliffs and then simply jumping off them! Coasteering North Devon is also now very popular due to the unique geographical coastline Devon has to offer. Ok, so thereā€™s a little […]

The best surf lessons in Woolacombe

best surf schools in woolacombe

The best surf lessons in Woolacombe There’s a good reason why Woolacombe is popular with beginner and advanced surfers alike. Thanks to its reef break, it produces some incredible waves and can be surfed on in all tides. If you’re new to surfing or you’re hoping to learn from experienced instructors, take a look at […]

Guide To Coasteering in Croyde

coasteering in croyde north devon

Guide To Coasteering in Croyde If you’re visiting North Devon any time soon and you like an adventure then Baggy Point is a great place to go Coasteering Croyde. You may have been coasteering before, or you may have never even heard of coasteering. Either way, there are opportunities for both beginners and veterans to […]

Can I learn to surf in a day?

can you learn to surf in a day

Can I learn to surf in a day? This is one of the most common questions we hear from those looking to get into surfing, alongside ‘How long will it be before I can catch a wave?’ or ‘How long until I can stand up on the board?’. We understand the impatience; you just want […]

What does it mean to have priority in surfing?

surfing line up

What does it mean to have priority in surfing? Surfing is an exciting and challenging sport involving catching waves before they break. In order to make the most of what the sport has to offer, surfers must position themselves to catch the waves correctly. However, in any surf spot, there are likely to be several […]