Guide To Coasteering in Croyde

If you’re visiting North Devon any time soon and you like an adventure then Baggy Point is a great place to go Coasteering Croyde. You may have been coasteering before, or you may have never even heard of coasteering. Either way, there are opportunities for both beginners and veterans to go coasteering in Croyde Bay. If you’re new to coasteering then don’t worry, we’ve put together a short guide for you about everything that you need to know about coasteering Croyde Bay.

What is coasteering?

Coasteering is a great way to explore coastlines while also having adrenaline-fuelled fun. It’s an adventure sport for those that want to push themselves and don’t mind getting wet in the process. Essentially coasteering involves exploring areas, (like Baggy Point if you’re coasteering Croyde) by combining rock climbing, swimming, scrambling, traversing and cliff jumping. Coasteering isn’t for the faint-hearted and is a unique experience. Coasteering Croyde will have you work your way through impact zones where you’ll be against the power of the sea, you’ll get to see the caves that aren’t accessible any other way.

You have to be fairly physically fit to take part in coasteering but you don’t need to be super athletic and there are different routes available. You’ll need to feel comfortable with the activities that are involved in coasteering such as rock climbing, swimming, walking narrow edges, exploring caves and cliff jumping. If you feel like you’ve got it in you then this is a fantastic way to get closer to the natural habitat of the Devon sea life and birds.

What to expect

Coasteering Croyde often involves scrambling along the coastline and exploring the caves and natural swimming pools that it has to offer. You may even come across rapids and natural whirlpools, so it’s important that you can swim! Some routes along Baggy Point involve more of an all-rounder coasteering experience, while others are more focused on cliff jumping, it depends what you’re looking for in your adventure.

Coasteering Operators in Croyde and North Devon

Croyde Surf Academy

As Croyde Surf Academy specialises in surfing, they offer packages for those that want to learn to surf and try coasteering.

Active Outdoor

Offer coasteering and other activities in the area.

Xtreme Coasteering

Offers coasteering experiences in the North Devon area and Cornwall.

Coasteering Croyde Bay

We provide experienced instructors that know the area very well so you’ll be in safe hands. We can arrange routes for beginners and will only take you on an adventure that you feel comfortable with. We offer coasteering adventures to anyone aged 8 and up and the sessions usually last around 2-3 hours. We can take groups or individuals and always adapt our approach to catering to the level of experience and fitness of the individuals involved.

Why you should choose coasteering professionals

Although you may think that exploring the coastline can be done by anyone without any help, it’s pretty dangerous without the supervision and guidance of professionals. Coasteering as an adventure sport is very safe if you do it properly. This means wearing the correct safety gear and being taken along routes that are well-known by professional instructors. As with all adventure sports, there is a small element of risk, but if you choose an experienced guide then coasteering Croyde is no riskier than any other adventure sport. Many factors go into the planning of a safe coasteering session that includes assessing the tide and state of the sea. Also, an experienced guide will make sure you have the right safety equipment and follow the best routes. Experienced guides will make sure that your safety equipment is correctly fitted and will abandon the adventure if they think it is too dangerous and reschedule it for a safer time.

What do I need to go coasteering in Croyde?

The first thing you need is a passion for adventure and a desire to experience something new. Coasteering can be fairly intense so you should be aware of this before you decide to sign up, you’ll also need to bring a towel, some trainers that you’re happy to wear in the sea and swimwear. All other safety equipment and a wetsuit will be provided to you by us.

Please don’t go it alone

Although it may be tempting to go coasteering Croyde alone, doing so is very dangerous. Our guides are experienced in knowing what can go wrong and working to prevent this, it isn’t something that should be done without professional supervision. Contact us and arrange a guide to explore the coast safely.