Coasteering In Devon - The Best Routes & Coasteering Guides

Coasteering Devon, so what’s that? It’s an exhilarating pastime and one of the fast-growing adventure activities in the UK. If you are thinking about trying out coasteering in Devon, this post can help. The experience you have while coasteering can vary dramatically depending on the route, weather and sea conditions, and guide you choose. In this post, we look at Devon’s most famous routes and the best guides for a coasteering experience you will never forget.

What are the best routes for coasteering in Devon?

The best route for you or your group will depend on your ability level and what you are looking to get out of your coasteering experience. There are two popular coasteering routes in Devon, Baggy Point and Hele bay which each offer unique and exciting experiences.

Baggy Point

Baggy Point, situated in North Devon, is easily accessible from Croyde, Putsborough, Woolacombe and Ilfracombe. The area is wild and picturesque heading along the northern side of Croyde Bay, with something for all of the family to enjoy. Baggy Point is the route we would recommend for beginner coasteering parties and families. At Baggy Point, you can enjoy exploring caves and gullies, small jumps and more significant jumps. Jumpers can delight in taking on The “U-Bend”, “The Waterfall”, “Swirly Gully”, and more. It is one of the best areas in the country for coasteering as the terrain is varied, with unique sea caves and rock formations.

Hele Bay

The second location we recommend for coasteering in Devon is Hele Bay. Just North of Hele Bay is Ilfracombe and is more suitable for those who have been coasteering before and are looking for their next exciting adventure. We recommend this route to adrenaline junkies as it features incredible high jumps, trickier terrain, longer swims and entertaining coastal features. Our group love “the Washing Machine” whirlpool and “Tide Race Gully”. Our typical Hele Bay route includes some of the highest cliffs in the Devon area, meaning adventurers get a real sense of adventure and exposure to the elements. Hele Bay is the perfect dose of wild exploration for adventurous teens and adults, stag and hen parties and military groups.
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Coasteering Croyde Bay

The number one guide we would recommend for coasteering in Devon is Coasteering Croyde Bay. All of the guides at Coasteering Croyde Bay are knowledgable and fully qualified beach lifeguards. They have extensive local knowledge and experience of the coastline, making them exceptional at planing a perfect route for you. They are exceptionally passionate about coasteering, surfing, and exploring and will pass on their knowledge and skills with genuine warmth and enthusiasm.

Coasteering Croyde Bay create bespoke adventures for every group, tailoring the experience to suit your needs. The route may change depending on the sea state, weather conditions and of course, the type of adventure you want to have. Coasteering Croyde Bay provides the most enjoyable and safest experience of coasteering in Devon.

We hope you have learned all you need to know to choose your next coasteering adventure and that you are ready to get out there and enjoy everything Devon’s beautiful coastline has to offer.

Xtreme Coasteering

Xtreme Coasteering offers longer coasteering adventures with more jumps and greater exposure to the natural elements. Basically, it is more extreme. Xtreme Coasteering teaches groups how to make the most of the elements, and seek out spots with a decent swell. To take part in an Xtreme coasteering route, you should have been coasteering before, be able to swim up to 100m in open water, be confident in outdoor scenarios, no fear of heights and have sufficient endurance to last at least 4 hours of coasteering. These guides are not for everyone, but provide an excellent adventure for those up for the challenge.

Active Outdoor

Active Outdoor is a highly-experienced team of coasteering guides ready to will put you through your paces. When you attend one of their tours, they will provide you with all the kit you need, and have excellent facilities for changing and showering. There is also a bar and cafe on-site, so when you return from your adventure, you can refuel and relax.

Croyde Surf Academy

The instructors at our Croyde surf school have ten years of experience in teaching people about enjoying all of the adventures the ocean has to offer. Croyde Surf Academy takes smaller groups so that they can focus their attention on the needs of each person and coach you through some of the more challenging parts of a coasteering route.