What to look for in a surf school

It’s one of the most popular water sports on the planet and universally appealing wherever there are waves. Estimates put the global surfing community at an impressive 23 million, and even landlocked countries love it! (source: https://www.surfertoday.com/surfing/how-many-surfers-are-there-in-the-world)

In fact, it would be fair to say surfing is on the crest of a wave, with purpose-built surf school coaching centres cropping up in many countries.

However, nothing beats the real thing. Especially when you take to the seas under the care and control of a knowledgeable surfing coach.

At Surfing Croyde Bay our Croyde surf school we encourage you to truly embrace the experience of riding waves, this also keeps you safe and builds your agility and confidence in the water.

What is a surf school?

Not surprisingly, the stars of the surfing world normally command big fees for private lessons.

However, surf schools like Surfing Croyde Bay were formed to make expert tuition affordable.

Not that this is in any way a compromise! Surfing Croyde Bay is run by the former England Surfing Team coach Damon Beveridge, and it is a Surfing England Centre Of Excellence.

The way these organisations make surfing more accessible is by offering safe and well-organised group sessions, that bring the cost down.

Like Surfing Croyde Bay – which is perfectly situated on this ever-popular surf destination in North Devon – the best surf schools are also close to the best surf beaches!

Features of a top surf school

Not all surf schools are created equal though, so knowing what is a surf school is only the start. You need to find the right one for you! So what should you look for in a surf school?

Surf sessions beginners to advanced

To get the best from a surf school, you need to find one that offers a range of lesson and coaching options. This is the only way to ensure your surf tuition will be relevant to your level of experience and your ambitions.

If you’re a novice, beginning your surf lessons on the sand gets you ready for the waves. Whereas more advanced surfers will want to be with those of a similar ability, looking for new angles and techniques to grow their prowess.

Surfing Croyde Bay even offers child-friendly surf lessons to make sure their additional safety and coaching needs are properly met.

Safe surf environment

The best surf schools in the UK will offer in-depth knowledge and understanding that makes your interaction with the sea safe and enjoyable. That means knowing the right spots for lessons, after judging the waves and weather. A good surf school will also be honest when the weather makes a session unsafe!

Accredited instructors

When looking for a ‘surf school near me’ or one conveniently situated in your holiday location, always check credentials carefully.

They need to be fully licensed professionals, who have trained under International Surfing Association standards. Then, like the team at Surfing Croyde Bay, they need to be able to communicate and demonstrate their expertise in a clear and responsive way.

Private v group surf lessons

The UK’s top surf schools will offer you the chance to learn this fun sport in small groups.

Surfing Croyde Bay has an unusually small ratio of 6 surf students to one instructor. This enables participants to enjoy a lot of personal and appropriate coaching.

If class sizes are more than eight to a coach, you’re unlikely to progress as quickly and you may be straying into ‘unsafe waters’.

If you want to make your surf course even more ‘bespoke’, top surf schools offer affordable private lessons too for one-to-one coaching or tuition as a family.

What equipment do surf schools provide?

This is another way to find the best surf schools in the UK.

They should be ready to lend you wet suits, boards and other items to make your surf course safe, comfortable and competent.

You can supply some of your own stuff of course, but top surf instructors will want to check it for safety and suitability. Not least as to get the best out of your surf school experience, your wet suit must be appropriate for your physique, and you should have all the accessories necessary to stay in the water and stand on your board with ease.

Booking the best surf school near you

Lastly, finding a great surf school can also hinge on the timetable of coaching sessions they offer, and any additional terms and conditions.

Can you just go for one surfing lesson, or do you have to block book sessions?

One of the reasons Surfing Croyde Bay, surf hire and surf school, has been featured by the BBC, Vogue, The Independent, Airbnb, Carve Magazine and Surfing England – and has received many 5 star reviews on TripAdvisor – is its flexibility. Safety standards are never compromised, but the team do respond brilliantly to a range of needs, abilities, ages and levels of confidence!

They offer one clear price with no ‘catches’ too.

It’s possible to book a single sample session or enjoy a discount for block booking multiple surf lessons. The team also offers Surf Camps to enjoy this wonderful water sport every day for a week!