Pre-Surfing Stretches to Get You Moving Better in The Water

Maintaining a productive warm-up routine before each surf session, prepares both mind and body for maximum efficiency, regardless of your level. Not only will an effective warm-up reduce the likelihood of injury during exercise of any kind, it will also help you get the most out of your body.

When warming up its important to remember that when surfing you’re using an integration of movements rather than isolated muscles. A dynamic warm up should include a variety of both static and active stretches to gradually increase the heart rate. This will result in increased blood flow and oxygen delivery to muscles throughout the body, including internal organs and skeletal muscles, an increase in both core temperature and range of motion and improved overall mental preparedness.

By focusing your attention to your body and the way it’s feeling prior to surfing will increase awareness of your strengths, as well as limitations and areas for improvement. A gentle jog to start with begins to gradually increase your heart rate. Light mobility exercises and stretching such as arm and leg swings will also help out any tight muscles from a session the previous day.

“A surf warm-up should aim to replicate the demands and the intensity of your surf. Make sure your shoulders are ready for paddling, your hips are ready to move and your back is ready for pop-ups. Being mobile around the joints increases range of motion meaning better performance and reduced likelihood of injury. People are astonished how much their surfing improves when they get mobile, when they get strong, and when they improve their movement patterns”  – Andrew Blake , Bay Fitness

Most of all, exercise should be enjoyable, so don’t forget to have some fun! With the recent announcement of the inclusion of surfing into the 2020 Olympic games, there’s no better time to get ready to shred.