Croyde Surf Photography with Nicko

 We are proud to announce that Nick Corkill from Nicko Photo is joining Surfing Croyde Bay as our in-house photographer! Nicko is renowned for his surf photography and well known for capturing epic surf moments at Croyde Bay. Nicko brings dedicated surf photography service to our offerings, allowing our customers to capture surfing and beach […]

The Unmatched Value of Kids Surf Camps

At Surfing Croyde Bay, we offer a variety of kids surf camps, lessons, and clubs designed to provide a comprehensive, fun, and safe learning experience. From mastering the basics to honing advanced techniques, our kids surf camps are tailored to ensure your child makes the most out of every wave.  With a focus on ocean […]

Surf Camps: Unlock Rapid Surf Progression

Surfing is not just a sport; it’s a lifestyle that demands dedication, passion, and the right learning environment. For those looking to dive into the waves and master the art of surfing, Croyde Bay offers an unparalleled experience. Renowned for its stunning scenery and exceptional waves, this surfing haven is the perfect backdrop for a […]

Ride the Waves of Adventure: Discover Surfing Excellence at Croyde Bay

Welcome to Surfing Croyde Bay, the ultimate destination for surfers of every level in the heart of North Devon. Our picturesque Croyde Bay offers the UK’s finest surf, creating the perfect setting for beginners and seasoned surfers alike. At Surfing Croyde Bay, we go beyond teaching; we’re a community dedicated to the surf spirit. Our […]

Surfing for Everyone: It’s Never Too Late to Start

Welcome to Surfing Croyde Bay, where we believe the ocean’s waves are for everyone. Many people think they’re too old to start surfing, but we are here to change that mindset. It’s never too late to start surfing, age is merely a number, not a barrier, in the world of surfing. This blog is your […]

Join our team

Surf school walk

Join our team We are looking for enthusiastic and like minded people to join our team for the 2024 season. We are hiring Surf Coaches, Surf hire staff, Coasteering Guides in both part and full time positions plus a and a full time seasonal Photographer/Media Person to join our team for the season. Working at Surfing Croyde […]

Surfing Is Our Identity

powerful wave landscape at croyde bay north devon

surfing is our identity Are we currently witnessing one of the best and most consistent winters for surfing in Croyde, with one low pressure after another producing back to back swells of world class waves? Has this been one of the longest innings of people saying cliches such as ‘you should have been here yesterday’  […]