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We visited Croyde and were lucky enough to get perfect conditions for a beginners’ stand up paddle board lesson. We started at 5pm and after a short intro to how to use the boards and the paddle we were in the sea and paddling across the bay.The instructors were both really friendly, helpful and reassuring. After initially kneeling on the boards to get the hang of paddling we managed to stand up at our first attempt and then spent the rest of the session exploring the coastline as the sun set. We’ll definitely give it another go next time we’re in Croyde.


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in our natural adventure playground

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Being featured in The BBC, Vogue, The Independent, Airbnb, Carve Magazine, Surfing England, alongside a multitude of 5 star TripAdvisor reviews, video tutorials, and surf blog insights is something we’re very proud of. Come and stand up paddleboard and experience the difference, with the very best surf school in Croyde.

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Stand up paddle boarding is an awesome way to enjoy the beautiful North Devon environment. Also known as SUPing or SUP the sport involves standing on a large paddle board and paddling using a single-bladed paddle.



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“We want you to enjoy stand up paddle boarding as much as we do! Whether you’ve never been on a SUP before, or have been doing it for years. We want you to have the best experience possible.”

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Surfing Croyde Bay has a 5 star Tripadvisor rating and is also rated #1 for Things To Do in Croyde.

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Croyde is a fantastic place for stand up paddleboarding. You can surf the paddleboard on the beach, explore caves in the coastal area and visit Crow point estuary. There are even inland lakes so that you can learn the skills in a safe environment.

Places such as Lee Bay offer the chance to visit secluded beaches, paddle through gullies, and explore smugglers caves. With the North Devon Coastline as your backdrop its a beautiful day out.

stand up paddleboarding ADVENTUREs

You can start with an introduction to paddle boarding lesson, and develop the skills you’ll need in the ocean. Paddling, steering, balancing and general technique. Once you’ve mastered the necessary skills, you can then explore one of our SUP locations and get to understand the beauty of the sport. As an ISA school, all of our instructors are fully qualified ISA SUP instructors. So what are you waiting for? Book a lesson with us now and introduce yourself to a whole new sport.
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The Complete SUP Guide

stand up paddle boarding guide

Is Stand Up Paddle Boarding Dangerous?

Stand up paddleboarding is a very safe activity if you wear the correct equipment, use a good quality board and properly plan for weather conditions.Particular attention should be paid to wind and tides. Stand up paddle boards are large and it is possible to be blown offshore, or caught in strong rip currents. A paddleboarding guide will always monitor these weather factors before any SUP adventure.When you are in the sea your SUP is your personal flotation device. If it deflates then this could be very dangerous. Cheap poor quality SUP boards should be avoided.You should always wear a wetsuit when on your SUP. If something untoward does happen then your wetsuit will help keep you warm, as well as providing flotation to you in the water.

Is Paddleboarding Easy?

Stand up paddle boarding is very straightforward to do. There are five basic skills to master: 1. balancing on the SUP 2. using the single blade paddle 3. steering left and right 4. speeding up and slowing down 5. getting on and off the stand up paddle board. It’s also a fantastic full body workout that really does strengthen your core muscles. Even better it can be enjoyed on the water surrounded by nature. 

Is Stand Up Paddle Boarding Good Exercise?

Stand up paddleboarding is brilliant exercise. The combination of exercise whilst balancing on an unstable platform is excellent for your whole body.SUPing works out your arms, legs, back, shoulders and particularly your core. Additionally, being a low impact sport the wear and tear on your body is minimal.Over time and with practice you will build up endurance and significantly improve your overall fitness.

Do You Wear Shoes When Paddle Boarding?

When you are paddle boarding you don’t need to wear shoes on your feet.SUPs are designed to be ridden with bare feet. The surface of the SUP is designed to grip bare feet, giving you the traction you need to stand and not slip.If the water or air temperature is low, you may choose to wear trainers or wetsuit boots to keep your feet and toes warm.

Where Are You Located?

Surfing Croyde Bay is located in the centre of Croyde Village, inside The Old Cream Shop. Your guides are all Surfing Croyde Bay staff. We have selected energetic, fun-loving and highly qualified guides so that you have a great time in a safe environment. Your guide will take you to your experience location. You will then get a briefing covering techniques and safety.

Get A Quality Experience

Surfing Croyde Bay is the best adventure centre in North Devon. Rated #1 on Trip Advisor, and with a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence for North Devon adventures. If you are looking for the best SUP centre in Woolacombe, Ilfracombe and Croyde, you really couldn’t be in better hands!
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Challenges For All Levels, Whatever Your Experience

We have the introduction to paddle boarding, the all day paddle boarding experience, the family family paddle experience, the ocean paddle borad experience and the estuary paddle board experience. Adventures can be arranged as a part of a group or in a private session. The choice is entirely yours. If you are a stag or hen party, in the military, or an educational institution, there is an adventure for you.Get involved, see the North Devon coastline like you never have before! Put on a wetsuit, buoyancy aid, helmet and go SUPing in Croyde.

What Equipment Do You Need?

You’ll need some essential equipment. Firstly a warm wetsuit, an excellent quality SUP board, and a single bladed paddle.The wetsuit will keep you warm while you paddle. The board is your mode of transport for the experience. The paddle is your power.

We use high quality, flexible and warm wetsuits from Tiki. This means you’ll stay warm and comfortable for the duration of your SUP session.

What Should I Wear To Stand Up Paddle Board?

  1. A good quality wetsuit.
  2. Some swimwear under your wetsuit.
  3. Bring a towel to dry off afterwards.

Your Experience

Surfing Croyde Bay pioneered SUPing in North Devon. We want you to enjoy paddleboarding as much as we do. That ethos shines through in our excellent Trip Advisor reviews and ratings. You will not find a more accomplished SUP centre in North Devon.Surfing Croyde Bay also provide school activity days. School SUP sessions can be combined with surfing, coasteering, and first aid. We can also integrate educational aspects of water safety, coastal habitats, nature, wildlife and even erosion. Engaging in education while enjoying paddleboarding is highly engaging for school pupils. The school SUP sessions can reinforce classroom education and bolster existing ideas and educational insights.

Military Team Building Trips

Surfing Croyde Bay also offers military experience trips in North Devon. These bespoke packages are held in a number of locations including Croyde, Ilfracombe amongst other North Devon locations. Your military guide can help your servicemen and women work on team skills. We help with leadership, teamwork, mental strength and other qualities required in operational service.

Care For The Environment

As a surf school and adventure centre, at Surfing Croyde Bay we value our surroundings. Especially the quality of our natural environment. We look to give back to the environment and our local community. Cleaning as much litter and plastic from our coastal area and beach is something we take very seriously. We participate in regular clean-ups in Croyde and along Baggy Point itself.

SUP Instructors

To be a Surfing Croyde Bay guide you need to be fun, friendly and enthusiastic. Our guides are also experienced, qualified and safe.Our SUP centre prides itself on providing you with a unique experience you will never forget. Our instructors are continually exploring the North Devon coastline, to discover new experiences for you to explore.We know if we love paddle boarding, then you will too.

An Ideal Location, North Devon

Our paddle boarding centre is strategically located in Croyde Bay village at The Old Cream Shop on Hobbs Hill. A short 2-minute walk brings you to Croyde Bay.Depending on tide and sea conditions there are several locations you can stand up paddle board. We offer SUP experiences on an inland lake for beginners. There are estuary exploration trips at Crow Point. There are coastal exploration SUPs in Croyde Bay. Whatever your level of experience or confidence there’s a trip for you.

Weather & Facilities


Unlike other sports, SUPing is not really weather dependent. Your experience can take place when it is raining or sunny. One of the significant benefits of a sport that isn’t weather dependent, is that the adventures are very rarely cancelled or re-arranged. You can rely on your booking time and date. 


Surfing Croyde Bay is a unique activity centre in Croyde. Featuring changing rooms, hot showers, drinks, snacks and storage space. Located in the centre of Croyde inside The Old Cream Shop.

A High-Quality Experience

A great SUP session is not just about having an enthusiastic qualified instructor and a good route. The equipment provided is paramount to your safety, wellbeing and enjoyment. At Surfing Croyde Bay, we take equipment and safety very seriously. We are proud of the fact that we provide the best guides and the best equipment.